Frequently asked questions

Our brick slips are the same size as a standard brick but are shallower in depth. They are typically 215 x 65 x 22mm.

Using 10mm spacers, the most common size spacing for brickwork, the amount of brick slips required for 1m2 is 60. This is using the standard size brick of 215mm x 65mm. Our brick slips come in boxes of 30 so two boxes are required per m2.

Weights for brick slips can vary by design but usually are around 0.7kg per slip. This ensures that they can be fixed safely to walls and plasterboard.

Brick slips are easy to install and are the perfect project for DIYers. Our installation guide can be found on our website (or by clicking here). If you still want them to be installed by someone else please get in touch with us and we will notify our approved installers.

Yes, brick slips can be installed above a hob. We recommend sealing the bricks after installation to protect against any splash back from cooking. If you prefer we can also offer perplex sheet to cover your bricks, please get in touch for more information.

If our standard collection doesn’t offer what you are looking for we also offer a brick matching service where you can upload images through our website form (or by clicking here) and we can source the bricks you need. Also if you already have the bricks you want we can offer a cutting service to slip them for you.

We look to delivery your order within 5-7 days of payment. Sometimes this can take longer depending on brick availability and the external hauliers we use.

For any other questions you may have please feel free to contact us on