What are brick slips?

Brick slips, sometimes know as brick tiles, brick veneers and brick facades are essentially slim bricks. The face of the brick remains the same but they are cut to around 22mm allowing them to be installed similarly to how tiles are installed. Unlike brick effect tiles, which are tiles created to look similar to bricks, our brick slips are cut from genuine clay bricks guaranteeing authenticity and texture. 

Why use brick slips?

Brick slips are a perfect way to add value to your home or commercial building. Our reclaimed brick slips help create a rustic, weathered look and feel whilst providing warmth and character. if you are looking for a more modern industrial look then our contemporary range offer a more sleek and minimalist look. For everything in-between we have our traditional range of brick slips. 

Where can I install brick slips?

Because our brick slips are cut from genuine clay bricks they carry many of the same properties of this staple building material. They remain resistant to water and heat making them the perfect choice for bathroom feature walls or a kitchen splashback. They are also the perfect choice for a fire surround, whether that be around a log burner or used to create a brick chimney breast.

Why choose The interior Brick Co?

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